EcoReFibre develops enhanced sorting equipment and smart technologies, ultimately increasing available wood resources in Europe through recycling.  

Today, we cannot recycle fibreboards into new fibreboards, which is why large amounts of waste wood are still being burnt or even landfilled. 

There is a major Need to :

Develop and prove the commercially viable methods for recycling.

Direct the post-consumer waste streams back to the production sites.

Promote a sustainable use of natural resources.

Increase the industry’s resilience in the context of international raw material markets.

EcoReFibre’s aim is to extend the product life cycle and optimise wood resources.

Together with market leaders, EcoReFibre will launch 5 industrial pilot projects.

Five highly promising pilots with leading panel manufacturers are launched to demonstrate how Circular Economy approaches linked with innovative, digital-supported technologies will enable security of raw material supplies.

Their goal is to sort and extract wood fines and fibres and convert them into valuable products.

Closing the loop of the European fibreboard industry,

Bringing together key actors of the entire value chain,

From wood waste to final products.

EcoReFibre aim is to establish a Circular Economy approach to recycle waste wood back into fibreboards and into novel building products.

The ambition is to substitute up to 25% of the virgin fibres currently used in the European fibreboard market.

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