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European wood panel industry scales up end-of-life recycling and circular use of recovered wood.
EcoReFibre Launches Survey to Predict Fibreboard Waste in Europe Using Crowd Wisdom.
EcoReFibre project unveils promising advancements in Recycling Technology and presents its ambitions in a Video.
Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation including Communication activities.
Quality Assurance Plan.
Project Management Plan.
Data Management Plan.
Data Management Plan.
A study of end-of-life fibreboards: their characteristics and availability in Europe.
Types, quantities and heavy metal content of the finishes on fibreboard waste.
Wood Recycling In The Circular Bioeconomy.
EcoReFibre: removing fibreboard from waste wood and then using it to make new fibreboard products.
Initial results from the European project EcoReFibre on the presence of fibreboard in recovered wood streams.
Europe’s green transformation in policy, industry and society discovers wood science and innovation.
Towards EU Green Deal and Circular Economy goals though an innovative research, industry and trade union partnership: the Wood4Bauhaus Alliance.
Wood will play a tremendous role in the New European Bauhaus: Wood4Bauhaus featured at the Vatican and the NEB Festival.