EcoReFibre Launches Survey to Predict Fibreboard Waste in Europe Using Crowd Wisdom

The EcoReFibre project, committed to advancing sustainable practices and reducing waste in Europe, has announced the launch of an innovative survey aimed at harnessing collective wisdom to predict fibreboard waste quantities accurately.

Building upon its commitment to promoting sustainable practices and fostering the circular economy, the EcoReFibre project continues to makeĀ  significant strides in improving fibreboard waste management in Europe. Fibreboard, commonly used in various products, is aimed to be recycled both in more material efficient and economically attractive ways to increase the share of recycled fibres in fibreboards. As an extension of its ongoing efforts, EcoReFibre is excited to announce a unique initiative based on Crowd Wisdom aimed at harnessing collective insight to predict fibreboard waste quantities that will be generated across Europe. Read full press release here.