EcoReFibre launches first Video

With a focus on wood recycling and waste management, the EcoReFibre project, spearheaded by a consortium of 20 partners, continues towards groundbreaking progress . A first video sheds light on what the project stands and calls for. Through the release of its first video, EcoReFibre exemplifies the project’s aspirations and commitment to advancing circularity by pushing wood recycling and waste sorting technologies to the next level.

EcoReFibre project unveils promising advancements in Recycling Technology

Driven by cutting-edge research, the EU funded project, EcoReFibre aims to bolster wood resources across Europe by maximising recycling efforts and to substitute up to 25% of the virgin fibres currently used in the European fibreboard market. As the world celebrated Recycling Day, EcoReFibre calls upon individuals, organisations, and communities to explore the transformative potential and impact of recycling

Newsletter #1 – Oct2023

EcoReFibre is a project funded by the European Union, that develops enhanced sorting equipment and smart technologies, ultimately increasing available wood resources in Europe through recycling. EcoReFibre’s aim is to establish a Circular Economy approach to recycle waste wood back into fibreboards and into novel building products.

European wood panel industry scales up end-of-life recycling and circular use of recovered wood

Horizon Europe project EcoReFibre explores smart sorting and processing technologies to recycle post-consumer waste wood back into fibreboards and into novel building products. Five highly promising pilots with leading panel manufacturers are launched to demonstrate how Circular Economy approaches linked with innovative, digital-supported technologies will enable security of raw material supplies. EcoReFibre’s aim is to …

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